Bike That Bike
  • But he doesn't have any stabalisers!! :O

  • Nick Curtis

    The triumphant return of Bike that Bike as a comic title!

    • loopadoop

      Where was it before…?

  • jasonpoland

    To recapture that Power Wheels Feelin' you'd have to take a road trip to Giant City, where Giant Dad could easily back his Giant Chevy Malibu over your car if you leave it in his the Giant Drive Way.

    Giant City is such a fun and dangerous place!

  • Anh

    Justin drew a children! Squee!

  • Repressed Adult

    Like all Kinect game, a child will went up hurt and crying.
    Unlike all Kinect game, will eventually get the hang of it instead of cursing some guy named Bill.

  • # 1

    I cannot quite explain what I think about or how I feel about yellow shirt's face in that second panel . . . Worried? Prideful? Constipated? Internally bleeding?–maybe all of these things . . .

    • mistermachino

      trust me, its constipated.

  • personatmyhouse

    I REALLY like that TV. Where do I get one?

    • juiceboxhero

      make sure its bullet proffed with vaseline.

  • Kal

    that is one pretty sweet bicycle

    • Lex

      It was so realistic I thought it was the window!

  • me.

    yeah hidden comic FTW

  • daft

    I am just waiting for someone to come out with kinect driving instruction. then the next time a bus goes out of control some five year old thinking he is jack from speed will be all "no prob guys I got this, I've logged 10 hours on my xbox.

  • Watch out putting your Xbox upwards like that. If it falls, it can cause major damage to the system and/or put a "halo" scratch on your disk. I know this because I worked at a video game store. It was a very important job where I sold games to important people, and told them all about the dangers of putting your Xbox upwards like that. Very important, and professional.

    But don't put it sideways either. Voodoo curse and all that.

    • uncleroger

      Putting it sideways actually blocks about half of the vents and increases the chance of overheating drastically.
      I know this because I also worked at a game store.
      So long as you don't bump or move your system while it's running, upright is the better way to have it sitting.

  • mistermachino

    hIDDEN pANEL ~ I had to sell my car to afford it.

  • Gor

    How is that kinect working off of a wii?

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  • nick helms

    my sister just pushed me down a hill….. then on my birthday we did with a bike

  • loopadoop

    Is it weird if I'm twelve years old and I don't know how to ride a bike yet?

  • Xbox 360 or Xbox One both whole new concept for bike riding. I truly think bike riding lessons will be very interesting and enjoying using such bike lessons concept. Looking forward to try such way out!

  • Rafael Alcantara

    Who is riding that bike