• Henry


  • Green bot Studios

    I love kale! I think it’s delicious! 🙂

  • moonsugar

    I adore this xD

  • Dominic Tuttle

    This was most of my experience with the older kids when I was in kindergarten. The only big kids who paid attention to me were bullies, but they only ever confused me.

  • anichka

    Hey Justin! Glad to see you back!

    Kale is good! I like making kale chips. Yummmmmm…

  • Robert

    Hail Hale and his Kale!

  • He’s headin down the trail. Your bullying was not beyond the pale.

  • When I was in grade school some people used to try to make derogatory rhymes based off my last name but they didn’t even make sense

  • Kirby gamer

    that attempt was derailed