• Mango Mageno

    Maybe somebody should throw the burrito but have the bouquet in the burrito a 2 for 1 deal!

    • Fasd47

      Sir Mango, you are a gEnius THAts New and inspired

      • Mango Mageno

        yes it is then you get the ladies to do it too

      • Sahaj28

        you seem to have capitalized s, m, e, t, h, a, n.
        removing the s and m because that is normal punctuation, that spells Ethan.
        I demand to know who Ethan is.

        • Henry

          ethan is my friend

  • Maheen

    It looks as if the guy in green peed on the guy in red

    • Fasd47

      Wow… yeah it does

  • That one guy

    Or the burrito in the bouquet and whoever gets it gets a nice surprise!

  • Sirscribble

    Chipotle or Moe’s?

  • Olyberry

    But… this is the comment section for today AND last comic what shall we ever doooooooo

  • sam

    pale shirt doesn’t look interested…