• ActualHuman

    And waffles, in the shape of pancakes!

  • Django Solare

    I want this guy to adopt me so I can be mad at him all the time.

    • craftsandhistory

      Green shirt guy, adopt me and give me pokemon X and Y

  • I had a bacon grilled cheese sandwich earlier today. that really doesn't have much to do with anything in this comic except the bacon. on an almost unrelated note, i vote that they should make bigger bacon. anyone else want to vote? Justin? anonymous reader?

    • Nekro13

      I second the motion for Bigger Bacon. Maybe, an elephant made of bacon. Is that size acceptable or do we need bigger? Like, T-Rex size?

      • Nekro, you and I shall rule the world with our giant bacon creature army. And once we reach galactic domination, i will kill you with my legendary bacon sword so i can rule the galaxy on my own with my bacon wife. no hard feelings… i think i need help. i noticed that when i said bacon wife. on second thought YOU kill ME with Your bacon sword. then i won't need help. because i'll be dead.

        • Nekro13

          My bacon sword scabbard is made of Dante's Rebellion sword so the bacon shall not be harmed in anyway. Also, the scabbard keeps it nice and warm and crispy… Damn, now I'm getting hungry. TO THE BACON MOBILE!

  • Parker

    Bacon solves everything.

  • Rose

    Is that Finn from Adventure Time? Awesome!

  • Gabe


  • PIE314

    You left out his eyebrows in the hidden panel :O

    • The kid has turned into a soulless, expressionless, bacon-eating machine. All that matters is the bacon. And that game.

    • Mirnada

      I've heard many people talk about the hidden panels here. What are they? How do you find one?

      • Lareina

        Read the Invisible Bread "about" page

  • FinalForm

    Blergh, why would anyone want pancakes shaped like pancakes? It'd be like you were eating pancakes or something.

  • ALWS

    Pancakes AND waffles?! Blasphemy!

  • Thomas

    Team pancakes! I want the last panel as a t-shirt.

  • Is that Finn from Adventure Time? Awesome!

  • Madame Kagamine

    I’m having bacon and eggs tonight for dinner. >:)