Get The Bacon
  • That is really no problem at all: just get one of each. Make that two for comfort.

  • Jae

    Bacon is the new dinner.

  • it dosent matter its freakin BACON, it can do anything.

  • Fun fact: any dish that can be improved with broccoli can be double-improved with bacon!

  • ActualHuman

    Bacon>Broccoli anyway. Didn't she ever learn math? And that's "high bacon factor" bacon too!

  • Amaster

    He definitely brought home the bacon!

  • Oraticus

    Now I want a shirt that says "Stand clear… Bacon intake" with the gent in the hidden panel pointing vigorously to his gaping maw.

  • Squirrel

    I ate bacon once, then I took a ____ to the ____.

    • Ian Feagins

      That had better end with "bacon to the bacon".

    • Bob

      –girl- , —movies—?

    • OnyxCygnus

      trip; store
      hand; mouth

  • Now I feel like I need a "Designed for bacon intake" t-shirt. What is it about your comics that inspire me to want more shirts from it than any other comic or really any other thing at all?

    Anyway, keep writing down awesome, shirt-worthy things so I can read them and laugh and dream. You're awesome, Justin, keep it up.

    • Thanks man =)

      I might mess around with a "Designed for bacon intake" type shirt to see how it would look. There's many a shirt I would love to make.

  • As usual, this speaks to me.. I've gotten the wrong kind of turkey bacon twice because it's so hard to remember the right kind to get..
    then just when I find a good brand of something, the store stops carrying it.
    I'd never buy broccoli though I don't care what the wife says.. but that's easy to say when I don't have a wife.

  • Jon

    Bacon is great!

  • Jon


  • theANdROId

    I've tried to share a simple easy recipe on here…but it never posts (or my computer lies to me)

  • theANdROId

    Considering this and the previous comic, I wanna share a recipe! All you need is bacon, feta cheese, and fresh green beans. Fry the bacon, then fry the beans (in the bacon grease left in the pan) as you crumble and add the bacon to it. Then add the feta just enough to get it melty! You can also add garlic salt and pepper. Enjoy!

    • theANdROId

      You may wanna cut the ends off the green beans (though I don't always)…or you could make it with asparagus (I tried it once, it was good!). The longer you cook it, the softer the beans get…so if you like crispy veggies, be careful!

    • It looks like your comments got stuck in the spam catching machine. I see them all in there, but I see you got this one through.

      So no worries, you aren't going crazy =)

      • ActualHuman

        MMMmmmm….. Spam…..

        • alonzo

          uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i got such a tummy ake by eating spam

      • theANdROId

        Glad to hear that I guess! I thought my computer or internet was just being a problem (because both have been known to do weird things for no apparent reason)…so I kept trying. Sorry for all the clutter then, since they were going through to somewhere! :-/ I hope (if you try it) the recipe is good enough to make up for it!

  • JoAnn

    Finally, one of your comics that my husband actually understands 🙂
    Hidden panel T-shirt is a must! He says he would wear it all the time.

  • Sunblast

    She was not impressed by the high bacon factor. 🙁

  • The Shaq Who Isn't

    This gentleman would be a fine addition to the Epic Meal Time crew!

  • Bob


  • Hello

    When does the Narwhal bacon?

    THE GAME you just lost it 🙂



  • BreadCrumbs

    Doesn't anyone notice the bag of bread in his hands?

  • IceBucks1234

    It's like me except with bacon instead of pizza rolls.

  • You

    I found the secret invisable bread icon that brings you to a bonus panel! its above the newest click.

  • Dave_Harmon

    Bacon-wrapped broccoli. 🙂