Who Is That?
  • Renee

    Haha yes. I used to always wave at someone at uni who I thought was this girl I knew. Then about a month later I heard someone call her Alex, and it turns out I didn't know her at alll.

  • Gregg

    Half-knows I like to call them. People that you should probably say hello to, but certainly couldn't hold down a conversation with comfortably for longer than a couple of minutes. Passing them in the street and pretending you haven't seen them is my usual avoidance technique. I feel kind of bad afterwards, but I bet they're thinking and doing the exact same thing.

  • Chris Kopcow

    i feel that susan really DID know who he was but just didn't want to talk to him

  • Joe

    I remember an episode of Seinfeld making a similar joke

  • Flip-a-Baby

    Extra panel ftw

    • Steve

      Oh yeah. Definitely F…T…W!

  • Oraticus

    I hate to admit… I run into this problem all the time. As soon as I recognize someone I should know, I immediately act as if everything around me is so terribly captivating that it should come as no surprise that I didn’t notice the person if they happen to turn around and recognize me. If they do say “hi”, I remain as generic as possible and hope they don’t pick up on the absolute lack of comprehension in my eyes. If they DON’T say hi… score.

    “Wow… pickled beets… on the 90% off rack. I should pick these up and stare at the nutrition label until this situation dissolves…”

    • BreadCrumbs

      Don't you know acting annoyed works better

      ……. they think you're busy

  • I love this Webcomic

    I love this Webcomic

  • Kal

    once, my sister brought her friend home, and I called her Anna… her name wasn't Anna

  • Renee

    Haha she always sort of smiled at me, probably thinking she knew me and just totally forgot who I was.

  • bob


    • Fixed =) Man, I can't believe I didn't catch that! Thanks!

  • Teh_Bucket

    I usually just light something on fire to distract them.

  • Sarah

    I pretend to text when this happens…or keep staring hoping they think I dazed off. :/

  • dylan647

    then she says"How do you know my name?"

  • dylan647

    haha, just found my wordpress account! YEEES!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Madame Kagamine

    To be honest, I’m always that girl. When I was in Elementary School, whenever I went to Walmart, I used to get these random kids saying “Hi (insert my name here)!” I literally had no idea who they were. o-o

  • Golnerfive55

    Doing a choose your own adventure, and it told me to go here? Anyone know where to go from here?