A Better Alternative
  • Awww… he got more high fives.

  • I live in the UK, so the tax system is has different deadlines here. I feel left out. 🙁

  • Hiterhat

    I'm too young to care, do I get a high-five?

    • aujustin


    • Olav Torkson

      I am too old to care. Do I get a high five?

      • aujustin

        Yup, you as well!

        To clarify my rules, if you have a hand to high-five, it will be high-fived.

        • Jean

          aaaawww… I don't have any hands. I feel left out. 😀

          • Bet

            Why not a foot?

          • aujustin

            We can do low-fives with feet, unless you can get that foot up to the height of a high-five.

          • Justin Barnes

            I just wanna know how this guy typed that message and uses his mouse 😮

  • Daemon

    Ohhh! I just LOVE high-fiving! I love you and this comic even more!

  • Justin Barnes

    More dollar signs means more money, of course.

    • Repressed Adult

      Bigger bag is best bag.

      • trenchcoat guy

        kids today have it all wrong, they think biggest bag is not best bag

  • This seems like a DUIF. Really awesome though, love your colouring and stuff.

  • jennley

    yay!!!!! I did my taxes! I want a high 5! also I'm getting money back can I get a double high 5? which would of course be a high 10.

    • aujustin

      Just one high-five for you. Everyone else got only one, so I can't give you two. You can hit my hand extra-hard though!

  • Ali

    the Internal Revenue Service handles taxes, not the Federal Reserve. And stealing from a Federal Reserve Bank would not be stealing from the government, each bank is a privately owned organization. /econ-nerd

    • Eliza

      noooooo kidding

  • Cheez

    I'm too young for taxes, but I want a high-five =[

  • Greg

    Not exactly the comic, but an interesting alternative. Happy April 1st

  • Uhhh

    It's. just a guy shooting a gun .-.

  • that person

  • Madame Kagamine

    Yay for not leaving people out! c: