Cheap Burrito
  • TriforceShard

    I remember burrito wagon man!

  • L-Dawg #3

    He should have ate noodles…

    So the legs falling off would be a noodle incident.

    (I seriously hope someone gets that)

    • Anon

      I did! Calvin and Hobbes is the bestest. (Invisible Bread is pretty good too.)

    • That guy

      (Gives impossible fist bump which traverses time and space)

  • Paul

    "Studies have shown that every decent burrito is at least $5."

    Man, that is one lucky researcher. I think.

  • I find it depends on the size. If you're getting a chipotle-sized burrito for under six bucks, something funny is going on. But then again, prices can be double in some parts of the country as others.. all I know is.. the inherent cheapness is one of my favorite parts of mehican food.

  • myrkron

    I love my sub-$5 Amy's burritos. Delicious *and* healthy! Right? If you're lost:

  • swordchucks

    If we're talking about mcdoubles, and the ol cholesterol is up to it, a mcdouble with a mcchicken stuffed inside of it is awesomely delicious. Best of all, it costs around $4, which is pretty darn close to your $5 standard

  • Jen Jen

    Cute kids selling tamales from their car will be my undoing. They catch me coming out of the grocery store when I am most vulnerable.

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  • Some one

    Don’t accept the good stuff

  • Tsalikon

    I just recently found Invisible Bread and I’m reading through all of them. Did he get that Burrito from the Burrito Man: ?