The Son
  • Get Mythbusters on that, stat.

  • Actual

    This was one of mankind's greatest discoveries, yet it also led to our downfall when we realized: If we could walk on the sun, we could mine the sun. That was a bad idea for many, many reasons.

  • pants.

    That kid's been listening to too much Smashmouth

  • Mythril


  • Sean

    That is one large kid!

    • Parco21

      Or is that just a really small sun? Who's to say it our world?! :O

  • Parco21

    Perhaps that child will grow up to be Mustache Dad. It explains the God-like powers! (And yes, I have to relate Mustache Dad to Chuck Norris. It's just right.)

  • shammers

    aw, now i imagine the sun must have been so lonely : (

  • nkizz


  • Jason

    Cutest sun ever!

  • PieMan2201
    • Well that would never be shameless, because you commented on a webcomic to advertise said webcomic's reddit page. Advertising a product on a product. *claps*

  • Wat

    Quality comic.

  • Holy crap is that the son of the Wizard on the moon with the magical shirt?!

  • Dick Chocolate


  • Arminda Harstad

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  • LuvThiz

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