First Drink
  • Quark

    At least it wasn't a RED energy drink. I don't think the planet would survive a five year old on a red energy drink.

  • nunser

    Blue would have been worst, it'd give him energy AND magic refill.

  • Jim

    As the owner and legally responsible party of a five year old… you mean others don't act like this all the time? Because mine does, sans energy drink.

  • Oh yeah, gaming. I was gonna join the Invisible Bread Steam group and then just forgot.
    And chances are I'll forget the next time I get on the computer I use for gaming!

  • RoÆther

    *one week later*
    Now son, I think your old enough… to play your first First Person Shooter
    *hands him Call Of Duty*

  • Dan

    Bonus panel: The dishwasher gambit is effective with child rearing as well.

  • John

    This reminds me of something that happened at work. I was in the fudge shop (best job ever right?) and a little girl came by and saw it.
    "Daddydaddydaddydaddy!" Was all I heard for the next minute…
    And then the dad let his two kids get THREE flavors each…
    You know what was one of the flavors the little girl got?
    God help that man.