The Shootsmans
  • Logan

    I didn't play video games until I met my husband. 🙂 Now, game night = date night!

  • Hey Justin, remember the super fun times on TF2? I still have hats I can give to you too…

    • And I still wanna play TF2 with everyone again! That was a ton of fun.

      • brandon

        oh my god tht sounds great!!!!

  • Elijah

    I've got an xbox one and too much free time 😛

  • Harrison

    This was a really sweet comic, Mr Bread man you always make a comic for my mood and this one was just especially great!
    Also congratulations on winning that Xbox One, if you get a PS4 down the line we can jam together 🙂

  • My wife bought me Morrowind as a wedding-day present. Yep, I'm a lucky guy.

  • Congrats! I've been playing Titanfall and having lots of fun punching people with robots. We do exist.

    • I've had my system for several days now and I STILL haven't booted up Titanfall. Blarg!

  • Kintrex

    But what did they enter as initials?! Was it "BUM"?

  • καtrmr

    I feel there's a person somewhere responsible for the fact that this comic exists
    other than Justin

    • mr. fanceypants

      you missed the extra panel!!

      • καtrmr

        on the contrary

  • amnizzle

    I love playing video games. 😀 … now only if adult things would quit interfering!

  • 314man

    "Will you go out with me?"
    *She fills in initiials with YES*
    "Really? Yay!"
    "Oh sorry, the initials weren't long enough. I meant 'Yesterday, I got married'"

  • Madame Kagamine

    Cara: KINDA THE BEST?!?

  • the real stickwart jameson

    I feel sad posting comics in 2016

  • Dr Disrespect

    I dont get it. Someone pls explain 🙁