How Did They Even Become Friends
  • I'm really sorry about this, but Forrest Gump has two Rs.

    PS: I've actually never seen Forrest Gump.

    • I do this every time, ah!

      Fixing. Thanks!

  • Torchwood

    Perhaps I should watch Forrest Gump now.

  • Actual

    It is a good book, you should watch it.

  • mee

    Just finished reading all your comics .-.
    Life is nice.

  • HotSam Oht

    You've seen Forrest Gump?
    Have you been living under a roof?

    What gave it away?

  • woot2234

    Actually, I rather like my rock. I have a ps-stone, an x-stone, and an I-stone. I also have a 50" stone. I can watch a lot of really nice shows.

    • Does your record player constantly play a vinyl of the Rolling Stones?

    • craftsandhistory

      OOOH! DO you have an ninten-stone? I play it everyday.

    • Kirby gamer

      Your interests are carved in stone

  • craftsandhistory

    Omg i luv Forrest Gump
    Also justin, look at this!!!
    me get permission?

    • Ahh, sorry I'm so incredibly late to reply! I blame Emerald City Comicon =)

      Yes, full permissions! Full permissions ahead!

  • Pop

    I've really been wanting to watch this movie. Mostly because of my sister and cousins saying I can't

  • ThousandSunny

    lol shrek quote 🙂