Snowball Fight
  • Sir Library Eater

    That comic snowballed very quickly.

    • Sir Library Eater

      Looks like we have a Cuban snowball crisis on our hands.

      • ALWS

        If only it were Christmas, we might have a mistletoe crisis.

  • Snowball grenades~

    *throws a snowball that explodes on impact*

    Oh, wait…

  • Torchwood

    Here in Indy we have over a foot of snow. Yesterday it was illegal to drive, by order of the mayor.

  • Luke

    Oh wow, I used to live right near you. Used to live in Dundee, aka Cabela-vill. Restaurants I recommend, Bagger Dave's for some of the best customizable burgers and fries around in Ann Arbor, Rivers Edge in Dundee for their incredible Chicago Pizza, and Chinese sizzling in Dundee for their really good prices and very healthy and good tasting food. Trust me on the Chinese place, the place in Florida I live now has over 10 Chinese places and none of them can lay a finger on Chinese sizzling.

  • here in germany its too warm for winter. totally weird.

    • Octothorpe


  • Rob

    Woo Ann Arbor! I'm on the east side of downtown. Do you go to Michigan too?

    • I used to go to Michigan, but now I just live here. I'm about a mile south east of the stadium.

      • Rob

        Nice. I've been reading your comics for a while and didn't even know you were right in town, small world haha.

        • Small world indeed! I love when stuff like this happens =)

          Happy first day of classes tomorrow 😉

  • youngguest

    A couple years ago we got several feet of snow. There was so much snow, we built an igloo in our yard. You could actually go inside and everything. It was so big it never completely melted until may.
    Another time my parents visited maryland when I was about 2 and my dad could build tunnels in the snow that I could crawl through. I think my mom videotaped it.

  • isn't that just weird? usually cold and snow don't go together.. the snowy days are warm and insulated and the snowless days with clear skies are chilly..

  • I ride a bike all winter to commute and this year, this one storm, was the first time I ever needed to get a ride. First because of the foot of snow on the roads, then because I was afraid of frostbite when I woke up to -15F temperatures (I've done -10F with no worries, but -15 was a bit more scary).

    • Dang man, that's some intense biking! Anyone that rides their bike in the winter gets some serious tough guy points.

      • Mr. Hot Sam

        (+15 Tough Guy Points sent to @MasterGlitch)

    • TheDolphin

      Haha, in Montreal the winter biking community grew up insanely in the past years, and I started winter biking this year, too. I feel your challenges and support you wholeheartedly! It is in fact really fun and practical 🙂
      I was even one of the few crazy ones that dared to bike outside on those few -40 (F or C, it's the same) days we had.

  • guest

    Back in the days we used to put chunks of ice in our snowballs so we can cut each others faces off when they hit. Bloody? Yes. Painful? Absolutely. Fun? No.

  • 😀 ow!!

  • Mineblock5000

    Panels 4-6 are the funniest!