In The Wild
  • I want people to do this and report back results. For science.

    • sam

      i tried it… it dident work 🙁

  • Oraticus

    You should have weakened her first… you probably would have had better results.

    • Weasel Dan

      It helps that you're twice as likely to catch her when she's asleep and 1.5 times as likely when she's poisoned.

      • Actual

        I don't know if breaking and entering and attempted murder are the best ways to go about getting a girlfriend.

        • Stockholm syndrome

          • copisetik

            Well that escalated quickly!

  • Becky

    It also helps to hit the target with the Pokeball rather than throwing it on the ground.

  • Tim

    Put an engagement ring inside it and you might get even better results…

    Or far, far worse.

    • Daniel

      I was looking for a ring inside the ball at first.

  • What an amateur, why didn't he use a masterball?

    • Bonzai

      He's saving it in case he finds a legendary or shiny girl.

  • BeyondTheFail

    "You missed the Pokémon!" was the first thought I had when I saw this. *shakes fist at 1st generation stupid thingy*

  • Jake (Jax

    i never actualy liked pokemon

    • Sir Library Eater

      You're fired.
      Get out of my internet.

    • craftsandhistory

      but really

  • AirMan121

    If her level is low enough, then he could catch her at full health. A quick ball would probably be the best for this situation.

    • AirMan121

      And if that fails he could stall for time and then use a timer ball.

  • Sid

    I like VDO games just like you Justin Boyd.

  • Christine

    /I/ would date him, or at least consider it.

  • A Person

    As a girl, I fully approve of this method.

  • Bill33

    Why didn't he just press A + B + Down?

    • Bill what will happen if he pres A + B + Down? I could not understand your comment here. I have been reading out the post of this blog since last few weeks and really enjoying my each of the stay here. thanks

  • Madame Kagamine

    I. Need. To. Try. This. With. My. Friend. LOL