The Couch
  • Michael

    This situation is sofa miliar with me, when you get sofa r from the store sitting in that comfy 'soface'

  • How does he relief himself there? Can he change clothes? Does he need sponge baths? Who usually feeds him? Why am I so concerned over how he's lived on the couch for 3 months???

    • ALWS

      I bet he's really thirsty.

  • Inspectigater

    Hooray for happy endings! 😀

  • Chris Kopcow

    A couch? Auntie Anne's? What else does that guy need anyway?

    • SouthOfHeaven97

      He knows how to live life!

  • callumgg

    I can't imagine how hellish it would be to have one of those at home..

  • Evan

    must have more of The Programmer…

    • Can do =) I should have another one up very soon.

  • craftsandhistory


  • I'm just looking at random old comics and finding out how many of them have creepy dystopic undertones. You should flesh these out into horror movies. lol

  • All they need to do is bring the auntie Annie's just out of his reach.

    The smell (did I say "smell"? I meant "gorgeous aroma") will give him the willpower to get up.

  • Hooray for happy endings