Up There
  • Nekro13

    A pain I know all to well. My frisbee is still in the tree since I was 8… I'm almost 23. I should really climb up and get it one day.

    • Made you think

      Do you need it?
      At 23 you should be able t buy a new one.

  • A lost frisbee is a sad frisbee. Also, I just wanted to let you (Justin) know that my lovely wife surprised me with a "I put stuff in the internet" shirt yesterday. And it was her birthday, even! I think I married very well.

    • ALWS

      A very happy unbirthday to you!

  • For some reason, I expected a surprise squirrel in the extra panel…
    In other news, that kid sure is a slow ladder climber.

    • Brynn

      Heh… yeah, a squirrel could have been living in the frisbee 😀

  • Bonzai

    Very relevant comic considering NASA landed a frisbee on Mars. I think. That is a pretty far toss. Maybe I'm thinking of the Olympics…

  • coolcalx

    I lost my boomerang on my roof when I was little. we moved. I assume it's still there.

    • Fasd47

      Wow ive done the same thing.


    My sister and I threw a hula hoop in our tree 22 years ago. It's still there. The tree branches have actually grown around it.

  • Jojo

    Draw stars on your driveway or walkway with chalk, and write the names of your guests in them. http://birthdayplanet.net/parties/show/139-50th-i

  • i like it