• I'd say that I saw that one coming, but I'd be lying…

    • Chris

      And that's no good!

  • I have a feeling these goldfish ( escaped into the pond and taught the other fish some skills… the gun might have been a lost water pistol though…

    Also, first time I've seen weapons in your comics! *gasp*

  • Ren

    So I was thinking, since a lot of your commenters are fond of creating snappy one-liners as follow-up jokes to your amaaaaazing comics, what if you did a comic where the last panel had no dialogue and we came up with punchlines? Or something vaguely similar to that.

    It'd be fun. 🙂

  • Parker

    I was the one who put invisible bread on bearfood

    • You're the one! Thank you for doing that!

      • Parker

        I thought it would be a pretty good idea because your comics are great. Did the link get promoted to the front page?

        • Yeah, it did! went down that same day however, but when it came back online, it was still on the front page for a little longer. Good stuff =)

  • Kyle.

    I found your comic through BearFood, and then I proceeded to read your entire archive!

    • Kate


      • Awesome to hear! Welcome to the site =)

        • Julia

          That's what I did, too. Then I proceeded to find EQ Comics and Poorly Drawn Lines through this site.

          • If you like EQ, PDL, and Invisible Bread you will LOVE Left-handed toons!

  • Bearfood is the best because it actually links the comics to their original sources instead of essentially gaining views from stealing other's work, even if it's the users that send it.

  • Amaster

    When I saw Bad Fish, I immediately thought of Bad Wolf.


    The yellow-shirt guy is funny.

    • GUEST

      Because of the "schools" thing (otherwise he says nothing funny whatsoever).

  • Oraticus

    Ha ha ha… "I blame the schools"… nice double entendre.

    • GUEST

      How did you get all the pluses? 🙁

  • arica

    I have just started reading but I found this through where I was reading THE AMAZING HOMESTUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Welcome to the site!

    • Brynn

      I found it on mspaintadventures too! HOORAY FOR HOMESTUCK! 😀

  • sscool

    OMG all of your comics are like the most awesomest things I've EVER read! Upload loads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • no offense dude but that's a god damn family guy joke. smh

    • Yup, I know Family Guy did a version of this joke, so no need to shake your head!

      I believe my joke is pretty different from the Family Guy one because even though the line "I blame the schools" is the same, it means something totally different. In Family Guy, it was commentary on the schools that the two cockroaches went to that made them the way they were. In my comic, it's actually a pun, since a group of fish is called a school. So it ends up being a joke meaning that he blames the crowd that the fish ended up in.

      And if that doesn't suffice, sorry you didn't like my silly fish pun joke! Here's another silly fish joke!

  • TheSilverCat

    I can only imagine the guy singing let it go to the song
    Gee thanks Frozen

  • This is one of many reasons why I don't fish.

  • Russ