Talking To Girls
  • Lutz Biedinger

    is it tomorrow yet?

  • Kassandra Getz

    Is it sad that this happens to me too?

  • shn

    I know that feel

  • Squilly

    On the other hand, being on the receiving end of that is awkward as well. Speaking as an also aspiring awkward turtle.

  • SuZume~

    Now explain who this "sally" is! I won't take "just a random name" for an answer.

    • Sally is the filler name for any girl that I may have liked and awkwardly chatted with over IM in the past. And by past, I mean mostly my high school years and maybe the first two years of college =)

      I'm pretty sure that I probably pulled some of this with Cara, my girlfriend. Yeah, I'm sure I did. Well, it all worked out! And anyway, those first IM conversations happened about 7 years ago. Whoa!

  • HunterJE

    Shit, totally been there.

  • Patricia

    I am maybe the queen of this forever. Not even with people I like. Just with all people in general. I'm hoping you feel better soon!

    • Thanks =) Slowly trying to will this body into a healthy state.

  • Jill

    Man this one hits just a little too close to home for me (and others, I see) O_o

  • Oraticus

    It’s ok… I’m sure it’s just her Internet going out… right? Yeah… it’s got to be her Internet. Oh! I should check the weather channel! Maybe she has a severe thunderstorm in her area that killed power…

    *remote click*

    Yeah… ok… so it’s just partially cloudy. It’s gotta be her Internet then.

    (That’s right, subconscious… you just rationalize away the pain. Please… just rationalize it away.)

  • This was me as a teenager. I'm barely even on IM programs these days, I looked at my stats and apparently a few hundred people have me added to their AIM buddylist and that creeps me out. So I guess I've become Sally because I'll login and not talk to the people trying to say hi.

  • Never before has an Invisible Bread spoken so deeply to me.. I'd always reply to your messages.

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  • Pie

    This happens to me a lot, but I just end up having fun with it. I just keep on typing and typing until they respond, or I get bored. One time I pretended that friend A wasn't responding because friend B was on his computer, and started yelling at friend B for being a terrible person. Apparently when friend A saw my long tirade, he thought friend B was ACTUALLY doing something on his computer and got pretty angry at him.

    Good times!

  • robert crabtree

    well. invisible bread. that's why i'm here. i had dream last night that i wa smaking a sandwhich on this exciting new item: invisible bread. it was cool. i loved the way i could make a happy face in mustard on the lunch meat, put it between two pieces of bread (invisible bread), put the sandwhich in a baggy, and still see the happy mustard face. it was not ony a visualy interesting dream but it gave me a nice feeling. i thought about it all day today. and so just now, i googled up invisibe bread just to see if anything would pop up and that nice little round faced character appeared. i'm curious, justin; where did the idea of invisible bread come from?

    • Haha, that's a great way to find this site!

      I didn't have a crazy invisible bread dream like yours or anything even close to something that cool. I actually got the name of this site from a random google search. I can't remember what I was searching for, but I was reading through the results and misread some of the words as "invisible bread". I loved the way it sounded and made sure to remember the phrase for something I might do down the road.

      And that's the story!

  • Hannah rulez

    If you look closely at the times it took the guy 4 minuites to type it

  • Akira Torrijos


  • Anonymouse

    the feels.

  • Torchwood

    That looks like Steam's chatting system. Hmm. Was that on purpose?

    • This was actually made to look like the Google Chat stuff as it looked about two years ago.

  • Wow, so funny! I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. Thank you!

    • Now, to find a woman who enjoys passive-aggressive and self-sabotaging behaviors, at least long enough until she gets to know the "real" me (who isn't like that at all – lol).