New Girlfriend
  • Metal

    There are no comments?

    Hm. Better comment then.



  • Giraffe Fan

    What did you do to bet put down here in the lava pits?

    I cheated against my girlfriend in that new game.

  • Chitaku

    You should totally make a shirt based off of this comic =D

    Also, as a video game playing girlfriend, I totally love this one. XD

  • Sounds like my WIFE!

    Luckiest guy alive?

    *points thumbs coolly at self*

  • This is seriously all I want out of life. A video game playing girlfriend/wife.

  • Oraticus

    This is how I bring up all my good fortune in life too… pass it off as a horrible burden to bear, and bring it before friends/colleagues/total strangers as a burden that they should acknowledge and commiserate with me about. When they realize that is indeed the opposite, and make mention of it as such, then you get to do the calm “oh, yeah, my life IS better than yours”, and strut your way on out the door.

    On a side note, one of my happiest moments was when my wife (who NEVER played videogames before), became addicted to Mario Kart Wii, and would not rest until she filled her driver’s license with gold cups (which she did, even though she always used automatic and therefore never could use mini-turbos). Too bad that game-passion didn’t move on to something else…

  • Aita

    My gf's addicted to most of the same games I am… We met online (six years ago, yay~) and one of the first things we did together was play FF1&2 side-by-side via phone over the course of three weeks.

    Now we're both eagerly awaiting the release of PSO2 (so long to wait, argh!), but it's as great as it's always been^__^

  • word

    baaaaaattttttleeeeeefiieeelllldd 3!!!!!!!!!!

    • Metal


      • ActualHuman


  • Jon


    • ActualHuman

      tsk tsk tsk didn't reply it did you?

  • Dinotron

    These are first world problems my friend. In Soviet Russia, game plays yooooou!

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  • Katie

    I love video games! :p
    But I am still a kid 🙁

  • Well, I'm gay, and my boyfriend and I play games all the time 😀
    How great is that

  • Madame Kagamine

    I’ll play some video games if they’re there, but I’ll suck at them. XD