Need Help
  • LOL @ hidden bonus panel!

  • WCC

    I think you're onto something here. There's definitely been times I wanted a girl's advice, but didn't have anyone to call!

  • What's the hidden bonus panel?

    • Olav Torkson

      It's a bonus panel that's hidden. You could also say, without being laughed at, that it's an encore to the comic, that has not been brought to your attention. Kind of like the bizarros on LHT. (I said that, because you have to click on π. It's actually more like the voteys on SMBC.)

      • jordan10la

        Woah woah woah. Where is the pi and what is this bizarro?

        • AureateScribe

          In the lower right corner of the white area the comic is contained in you’ll see a little π (pi) symbol in the corner appear when you mouse over it, inspired by the film “The Net”. It leads to an extra panel on all the Invisible Bread comics.

          On the left-handed toons comic page, there’s another little π symbol there too that leads to bizzaro LHT.
          See Justin’s comment about Sandra Bullock here: to see his unnatural love for her, and why he puts Pi signs everywhere.

          • jordan10la

            Oh wow. Thank you very much. I've been reading LHT for a while and IB since it started and I never knew any of this.

          • Olav Torkson

            That's because of the lack of intensity in your reading. You have to focus. Glue your eyes to the screen. Or, like most people, read the comments.

          • loopadoop


  • The thing I'm most confused about is how he managed to reach the top shelf.

    • They may not be able to put on a hat by themselves due to their short arms (and large heads), but when they need to reach a top shelf, they use their Inspector Gadget arms. But they can only do it when you aren't looking. They are weird like that.

  • Kal

    wow, I wish this existed.

  • jasonpoland

    "love yooooou…"

    That makes me laugh and feel sorry all at once!

  • AureateScribe

    Why do I get the feeling that if this service existed, you’d get the customer service rep “Peggy” from the Discover commercials?

    Run his/her voice through the dialogue of the comic, and see if it doesn’t make your spine tingle a little…

  • ActualHuman

    That did happen, you don't hear the *plop* because he knows the ninja tricks to be silent and he moved his hand down at the speed of the can then brought it to a silent halt.

    • Olav Torkson

      Also, he's in space, and cans don't say plop in space. How can he talk (and breath) in space? He's a fucking* ninja. He'll figure something out.

      *Actually celibate.

  • Grunty

    This made me LOL more than I thought it would xD

  • That's sad, but you know, I think you might be on to something there…

  • katrinaevening

    Is this based on a true story Justin?

    • A tiny bit =) Whenever my girlfriend sends me to the grocery store, I always end up calling her because I never know what brand of stuff we need. Except for when it comes to pasta and pasta sauces. I know those brands =P

  • oh man.. I would call that so much.. ;_:
    It’s not even a 900 number!

  • that's what i call free love

  • juiceboxhero

    he should pick the ones with the mushrooms 😀

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  • Madame Kagamine


  • Madame Kagamine

    Ask your mom. Don’t ask any other female unless she’s your friend. EVEN THEN…

  • Dave_Harmon

    It more-or less does. I know Japan has had “virtual girlfriend” services for years (even when the comic was current), and I’m pretty sure it’s made it to America by now.

  • Dave_Harmon

    Prepaid subscription.