• Aww I was hoping the bonus comic would be a Planet of the Apes reference 🙁

    • That is totally what I thought of when I read that! XD

  • Kal

    😮 they did that with us too, making us face the other students. then again when i was a kid, they still made us do gym in our underwear :S

  • hiterhat

    HOly gravy boats, our school has them lifetouch thingies. I got a picture of me with my mouth partly open, but still kinda closed. They aren't good at taking pictures.

  • Repressed Adult

    Hey, cheer up! You have the most PIMP PIMPle out there.
    That's horrible, I'm sorry.

  • My mom always buys the school pictures and hangs them in our house, so I get stuck with whatever wonky frizzy-haired braces-face thing I've got going on that day… staring me in the face… allllll year long. That's nice.

  • katrinaevening

    Has anyone ever really had a good school picture?

    • My senior picture was a good one, but I had two chances to get it right, so I cheated.

      My second grade one was pretty decent as well, from what I can remember.

      • katrinaevening

        Pic or it didn't happen

          • AureateScribe

            Nothing says “80’s bad-ass” like neon lasers tearing apart your background.

            “Yes, I’m so hardcore that I posed for my senior picture amidst a sci-fi laser pistol skirmish”

          • katrinaevening

            Agreed…This was beyond awesome.

          • TheVoicesInYourHead

            I guess this picture was from before you got your signature blue striped shirt? ;]

  • I kept getting my picture taken under fake names one year. I was in the yearbook 3 times.

    • That's awesome! Were they super cool fake names like "John McSweet" or "Yams Butterscotch"?

  • A combination of the 2 would be cool, not sure how it would work.

    Crazy golf on a statue of liberty section?

  • AureateScribe

    So… if he popped it, would mooninites spring forth?

    • I'm not sure if I want to find out =)

      • AureateScribe

        Ignignokt and Err are just beneath your epidermis…

  • Chris Kopcow

    I think there was like that digital retouching option where they took out your blemishes. And I remember my mom used that on my picture and I got upset that she didn't want a picture of how I really am. hahahha

  • I, uh… I don't do cameras. My face is pretty much one big pimple. (Not really, but it might as well be.)

  • bohemianeve

    who has baby teeth in 9th grade?

    • daft

      really smart babies?

    • Gorronotheanthus

      I guess that was the point, that it's not in normal development to still have baby teeth at that age, so thus they needed to be removed.

  • BreadCrumbs

    My life touch pictures always have one thing in common

    My left eyebrow was raised

  • LOL, moon crater face…