• Oraticus

    As an unspoken rule, bad ideas are not formally ratified until spoken in unison by all parties involved in said bad idea. So, take care that you and the other parties are in sync before anteing up on any quantities involved in your bad idea, or you might be walking away with two dozen plus pizzas.

  • Covarr

    Since when are four pizzas a bad idea? That’s like a week of leftovers, and leftover pizza for breakfast is one of the truest joys in life.

  • Dave_Harmon

    Nothing to do with the comic, but Corgis!.

    • They might be Shibes, but they’re adorable either way ^_^

  • Slythytoves

    Whenever two or more guys get together, a Man Challenge is inevitable. Eating food? Man Challenge. Blowing stuff up? Man Challenge. Jumping into cold water? Man Challenge.

  • Brian Hedley

    Awww…but I have many bad ideas a day so the bonus panel would be tough for me