At The Door
  • jeff

    YAAAAYYY twice a week schedule! hoping you do keep it up Justin. been loving the recent comics by the way!

  • Oraticus

    AHHH! Why are there two comics this week?

    Oh, I actually was hoping for this! Yeah!

    Welcome back, Justin!

  • PhantomUmbreon


  • Kirby gamer

    Yay awkwardness avoided

  • Jacob Casselman

    Your positive outlook and relatable anxieties make me feel so much less alone. I love you, Justin.

  • Daniel Harvison

    I wish I could do that with local pizza places. I think they’d rather call me and demand I show myself and sign stuff instead of helpfully putting their stuff at the door like good little food-servers.

  • PhantomUmbreon

    Just as a comic suggestion, why don’t you do a comic about someone who put to much peanut butter on their bagel or something.

  • Thank you for the positive mood! I like it.

  • Dave_Harmon

    Yee hah, finished reading your archives! ALL The Invisible Bread!

  • Kizi

    Thanks Justin. You’re the best!