• Yay, Wendell!

  • JSqueen

    Did you upgrade to a new software or something? The details on this comic look a lot more… detailed! 😛

  • DeltaFoxtrotZulu
  • Robert

    Definitely the Wendell pics. This is the true nature of humans.

    • sam

      But they are not humans they are invisiblebreadians!

      • Robert

        That just means they are well framed pictures of Wendell. 🙂

  • Locutus

    I’m a robot and need to be rebooted.

  • Matthew Helmuth

    love your slight art style change Justin! also do you have any tips for people who are wanting to start a webcomic?

  • bausman

    ooh, fancy shading. me likey.

  • Mango Mageno

    4. A Ukrainian mob boss shoots green shirt guy and buys red shirt guys silence.

  • Green bot Studios

    I like the new style, but I wish it looked a teensy bit less like it was colored with crayons

    I’m not saying it’s bad, but it does look a little like it was colored with crayons

    • John

      This makes me want to see an Invisible Bread that is ACTUALLY drawn with crayons! 😀

  • BQQM180

    I personally like the older less shaded style but again that’s just my opinion

  • Jimmy

    Hey Justin! I dont know if you remember me, but I just wanted to say cute dog!

    “Cute Dog!”