Too Far
  • JSqueen

    What?! First to comment?! This is a cool feeling…

    That yellow guy reminds me of me. “Yeah I’m gonna walk to (insert_cool_place_here)!”
    15 minutes later: “Yeah, nope.”

  • Mikshana Maelevia

    Are these robo legs cheaper than gas?

  • That red guy reminds me of me. I have a red shirt.

  • Ryan Kim

    There’s no such thing as walking in our age now, there’s something called transportation vai laziness

  • Sahaj28

    Hmmm… why does this give me some deja vu 😉
    By the way, Happy ten days till your birthday Justin.

  • Brianna

    Sometimes i think it would be cool to have robot legs..
    As long as they were not robot for the “important parts” 😘