• Luke Martinelli

    If you are going to accept food based challenges you have to at least take the ones that give you the meal free if you finish in the set time. You’ll still feel sick, but at least it’ll be free.

    • Matthew Helmuth


    • Justin Boyd

      Every college town I think has that “hey, eat a stupid-large pizza with your friends and let us take pictures of you” contest. Still said I never gave that a go in my food-eating prime.

      • Luke Martinelli

        Giant bowl of Ramen or 1Kg Schnitzel challenges were more common where I grew up. Though I only attempted once and had to pay $27 for a massive bowl of ramen cause i wasn’t fast enough 🙁 Halal Snack Pack challenges have taken off here lately, I wish they’d been a thing when i was younger.

  • Name

    Did he do it though?

    • Matthew

      See the bonus panel, he seems to bhave aten enough to feel sick, so probably

  • Mikshana Maelevia

    He robbed himself!

    Got to eat burritos though, so I’d say it evens out