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  • keltex78

    Isn’t that a Hot Pocket? With Pepperoni and Mozzarella?

    • Sirscribble

      Quiet. You know not of what you speak.

  • Nonny

    As that commercial said: “Por que no los dos?”

  • j-beda

    Oh no!

    Justin’s Patreon support ( ) has been dwarfed by that of the Joy of Tech! ( ) Even though they have only four more patrons they get more pizza and burrito purchasing power. I guess we are just cheapskates. I know I am.

    In any case, maybe an appropriate link on the left-side “about/archives/etc.” list for “Support me” or “Patreon” or something like that would help make it rain?

    Am I getting fixated on this sort of thing?


    • Justin Boyd

      I’ll be adding my little Patreon links to this page very soon. Things have just been too busy. Barely been able to even get the comics done!

  • Henry

    i think this was the first invisible bread i ever saw

  • Joshua Browning

    Go down SINGING. Not SWINGING.