• Geeky

    Hmm, bizarre. My birthday is coming up this week and I’m a nerd that wears glasses…. DID YOU MAKE THIS COMIC FOR ME? I FEEL SO SPECIAL XD

  • Beth

    It’s actually my birthday, I’m so touched

  • Willem Kroese

    Help raise awareness for angry eye syndrome by sharing this post!

  • Pode

    It was my birthday yesterday, and I’m a nerd with glasses! Thanks, bully-friend!

    This oddly enough mirrors some of my old high school friend dynamics pretty well.

  • Cliocat

    It’s his AND his face’s birthday! What.

  • Bill33

    Plot twist: inside the box is a giant fist.

  • Fasd47

    Another case of a nice guy with angry eyebrows? There are so many cases in this comic… The angry eyed nice bus guys, this bully guy, the “im so proud of you son” dad, and the sketchy guy with the adorable manga-type eyes. And thats just of the top of my head, there is probably way more.

    • sam

      …who upvotes themselves. that’s just sad