• Raznaak


    • CyrilA

      Fish for it. It’s there somewhere.

      • Raznaak

        Oh, it wasn’t there earlier. I really passed everywhere and there was no bread.

  • Mark Monnin

    Womp womp. :/

  • Alexander Gee

    Just for the halibut?

  • guest

    somethings fishy here, i’m skeptic too

  • Mango Mageno

    I don’t know maybe it’s a salmon

    • Fasd47

      Or a bass.


    not bad you COD do better though. But serusly you are KRAKEN me up.They were quite BRILLiant. I had a WHALE of a time.ugh i think i should CLAM down. OK for real now. i am starting to get so anoyed i could KRILL something. Maybe a fish. I better stop before it becomes a HALIBUT. Those puns just swam deep into my SOLE.

  • Erika Hammerschmidt

    There are so many meanings for fluke! It’s a type of fish, and a type of parasite, and the tail fin of a whale, and a random event. (I actually didn’t know it was a type of fish until reading this comic! I learned a new thing!)

    • Me

      Also, it a kind of fishing lure.

      • sam

        nice name