Local Ice Cream
  • Xela

    Ohhhh deviled eggs that flavor can't be bad. A sample of that please… okay yep that's just a burnt egg that's been rotting for a few weeks.

  • Oraticus

    I've never understood why this was a thing with jelly beans and dumdum suckers. Do candy and masochism go that well together?

    • It makes for a great forfeit snack for the losers in party games though

  • Mike

    That will give the Harry Potter Every Flavor Beans some good competition.

  • Hey Justin, I get your comics from Google Now, whenever there's a new comic it appears 😀

  • fancypants

    Still unhappy about being shut out of Fallout Shelter because I have an android 🙁

    • Try being shut out because of having a computer. Remember when computers ran everything?

  • bob

    Dirt ice cream is also the future. Things are looking up.

  • Alex

    I had to look up shtick…