• Mineblock5000

    It happens every WHAT?

    • 13 centuries.

      • _____

        How long is that exactly
        Your Breadynesss?

      • Mineblock5000

        In that case, last time it happened was in 715 AD.

  • Bob

    That's a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time

  • I aspire to be at least half as positive and self-confident as this character.

    • destructivekilljoy

      im even less… lol

  • Jason Kent

    One thing… I noticed that you have not been updating the comics on the iPhone app "comic chameleon" what is up with that?

    • Those updates are not up to me. Those are handled by the Comic Chameleon peoples.

      • Jason Kent

        Oh ok…. I'll notify the creators since I'm part of the test flight group for the app since the issue with iOS 8.3 update. Keep up the good work.

  • _____

    Sometimes that happens to me when i am bored and hve nothing to do I just listen in on other conversations;)those pore pore suckers!???x2?(just kinding…..or am I(really I am))

  • Wat

    The woman is the "uncool" one in this relationship. She just tunes out when the other person tries to talk to her, then hangs up on him without him/her saying goodbye. She then totally blows him/her off again in the hidden panel. The friend is only allowed to be interested in her when the timing is right for her, but forget him/her if his timing is off. The friend possibly made a scheduling mistake, but she should just throw him/her aside and not try to understand what possibly could have happened.

    (Realized that it wasn't implied that it is potentially romantic relationship, so I rewrote the above to reflect gender-balanced terms. The points still stand though.)

    • Visible Toast

      Wat, for a second I actually thought you were going somewhere with this, but then I noticed she did say "bye", which sort of messes up your theory..

      • Scia

        The girl said bye. The unseen person that the girl is talking to didn’t get a chance.

    • Scia

      Yeah, I’m with you on this one. I do not have a very good mind for calendar dates and stuff, so I tend to get events mixed up even with my best efforts to keep them straight. Double-scheduling and stuff is bound to happen on occasion. Granted, I usually realize sooner than in this comic and try to let the other person know, but still.