The Real Questions
  • Oraticus

    One could make the claim that it's just safer to shower than to have a small personal hygiene AoE, but showers are so much work! First you have to lather, then you have to rinse, and just when you think it's all done, you have to repeat the process! UGGGGGGGHHH…

    • newideasforbusiness

      If you're a photograph aficionado, then your apple ipad offers some good functions for you personally that may show helpful from the company viewpointnewideasforbusiness

  • Zach

    Justin, When are we going to do another invisiblebreadgaming night?

    • Gear

      Oh, I would absolutely love another one of those! I never got to make it to the first few and I was heartbroken.

      • Soooooooon!

      • bestsymbiansoft

        Sometimes your own hardware is effective but specialized problems might occur along with software additionally. For this particular, the issues might be installation issue, virus assault, downloading problems, etc.bestsymbiansoft

    • I've been travelling a lot lately, but I think something next weekend is looking very probable!

      Also, there's a special event on May 17th that involves TF2 that you should start practicing for 😉

  • CrystalSpark

    I prefer baths over showers myself, but both are very relaxing and good for my soul. Ahhh…warm water flowing over one's skin is simply. The. Best. Feeling. 😀

    • thelearningvacation

      Men’s uniforms are a great way to make sure that the men in your organisation do not come into work dressed in their regular casual wear. In most cases, T-Shirts and jeans do not convey the message that they have arrived at work and are ready to do business.thelearningvacation

  • mellownade

    My rule of thumb is: if I would go somewhere with my team after a soccer game, then it's okay to go there without showering

  • nunser

    This is actually how I learnt physics! If person A is going 4km/h, and his smell covers an area of 5m, how fast does everybody else has to run away from him to breathe fresh air?
    Still applying that knowledge to every day of my life.

    • spacewaysouth

      Yet another type of travel that college students can take complete advantage of is exchange or critique overseas systems. They're packages wherever college students, often college college students, review and live overseas.spacewaysouth

  • Cool graphics!

    • techcomps

      Social media allows high tech public relations firms the flexibility to watch how their efforts are being received in real time, allowing them the opportunity to change their message should it be decided that they would be able to get a better return on the investment of their time, effort, and energies if they altered their approach, even if it's a slight change.techcomps

  • InsertNameHere

    Chart guy, we need you!