• καtrmr

    If he wants to be a drummer he should check his coordination abilities by rotating the right back paw clockwise in the air and drawing a '6' in the air with the front right paw at the same time.

  • User100

    I notice that Wendell's starring appearances can now only be found by those that know about it. Invisible Bread Dog? Accidental or deliberate? Only the Dog Illuminati know for sure.

  • TriforceShard

    My dog seems to have interesting dreams. I wonder what she's dreaming about…

  • RandomGuy

    He's chasing a dream.

    • His being chased in the dream.

    • fasd47

      Hes probably chasing a squirrel

  • A person

    You will love this, check it out please. http://www.corgiorgy.com/

    • Reminds me of the old Hamster Dance site!

    • Hahaha, oh man. Gotta say though, that domain name is probably not the best for a site that is actually 100% good fun.

    • fasd47


  • asdf


  • Does wendell shakes his feet just like that very sleepy dog when he is having a dream as well?

  • Deborah Evans

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  • Scia

    My cat’s feet also twitch when she’s dreaming. XD It’s so cute. ^_^

  • Jayden

    That dog’s eyes are open, you sure it’s not dead?