Trying To Help
  • LootRock

    I've had this happen to me before when i use walk to and from school. I forgot my key one day in the middle of the spring I almost died because I used to live in Nevada so it go hot.

  • NiffyChips

    I can't believe it. This happened to my friend Alex a few months ago. I had the spare keys though. He will get this comic taped onto the back of his front door.

  • i am paranoid so i have to hear the jingle in my pocket before i leave the house…

  • Lamy

    Justin, I don't understand this!!!

    • Dog

      Keys, man….Keeeeyyyyyyyyssss

      • Lamy

        Yes, I finally understand, keys, it's about keys

  • Did this a week after moving to Boston. Fastest way to ruin a good mood.

  • Dylan

    Don't you mean AlEx?

  • Just Some Guy


  • Dylan

    You know… from "the programmer"?…….