• Djer

    I legitimately had to stop ordering from Pizza Hut because they took over 2 1/2 hours to bring our pizza, only to cancel the order because there was "no answer at the door or the phone." Both my roommate and I were home and didn't hear any knock when they said they did, and my roommate who placed the order never got a phone call. Not to mention that there's a Pizza Hut less than 4 miles away that won't deliver to us because it's technically in a different city.

  • Mmm

    I waited two hours for a delivery then found out I had clicked the Carry-Out button.

  • arghdos

    I've actually done this on an order for pickup

    They were all, "Uhhh are you sure you placed the order here?".
    "Yes, of course"
    "Oh, we must have lost the order, we'll make that for you right away"

    Get home, and my computer's still on checkout… Oops

    • καtrmr

      as a man who did programming for a web shop: relax, errare humanum est

  • Yep, this happened to me. I had to drive to Del Taco in penance.

  • Stuff of Nightmares

    As a Pizza Hut employee I can honestly say that this is not how things happen. There's no yelling at the employees who did nothing wrong. There is no demanding free food. There is no one making death threats.

  • Rwill

    I don't order from Pizza Hut because their on-line ordering refuses to accept my address as a valid address.

  • jajajajajaja

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  • Some one

    We ordered from pizza hut and it was ruined

  • slimcrafter


  • Kirby gamer

    Bonus panel: Yeah, red-shirt is right. Well, white shirt in the bonus panel.