Salad Time
  • Jamin

    Okay, just to clarify, the grey shirt guy… that's a mustache, right?

    • Yeah it is, I thought it was also a quivering mouth XD

      • Me too! I was thinking, "Wait, why is this waiter being apologetic?" Then I realized, "Oh, that's not a goatee below a quavering mouth, that's a mustache above a small pie-hole.

        • Paul

          Personally, I thought the guy was on the verge of tears, or was super depressed. The eyebrows don't help with the depressed scenario.

          • Nikoru

            I thought the same as all of you people, and was gonna comment, then I was like wow! people agreed with me! internets!

  • Dan

    Excellent choice, but send it back to the kitchen now that it is approved and hope it gets closer to a flame next time.

    • Actual

      Why would you cook a salad?

      • Kintrex

        Make mine a "hot-sal"

  • Kirbyman!


  • RandomStalkertor

    This is what my diet looks like.

  • Madame Kagamine

    At first I thought that was blood. Then I realized that it was raw ground beef. Ew. It would’ve been less gross as blood.