• Quark

    I would have really enjoyed this strip, but one of my friends saw it first and spoiled it for me. I should call my lawyer.

  • How to successfully see movies: Wait until it releases on your form of Home Media, then purchase it.
    Beware spoilers in the mean-time. Also applies to video games and books.

  • Chip

    I had not seen the fake flash thing from here, but I've been getting it from other sites and could not figure out how that hijack was happening. Glad to know where it comes from. I was concerned that I had some undetectable malware. Thanks for mentioning it!

  • arghdos

    My strategy is to just not see movies very often… so by the time I get around to seeing it I've long forgotten almost everything about it other than that I wanted to see it!

  • Some Random Person

    So true! xD I usually end up enjoy a movie more the second time I've watched it, since I'm so dissapointed the first time

  • καtrmr

    I watched, like, a dozen tv shows on Imgur.

  • Atlantis

    Actually you get a pop up on the second page, from clicking the little bread in the corner, that extra page has one