• last time I had to prove that a certain actor was in a movie I had to run to the nearest video store….

  • thats why i charge my phone everyday. always be prepared!

  • lol so is rob schnieder

  • User100

    "Wastland Scrap" indeed.

    • User100

      P.S. Can't believe this comment system doesn't have an Edit button like every single other one in existence.

  • Kintrex

    I love that one guy's face.

    • I know right. I wonder what he's thinking.

      • "I enjoy the work of Sylvester Stallone, and I think for that, I deserve the harshest death imaginable."

    • Merry

      I didn't even notice until you pointed it out, only to let out a very unattractive snort-laugh in class

  • Geoff

    I don't get the bonus panel.

    • Laugeo

      He ran out of battery and is now stranded because he used his last remaining battery to look up the actor and movie.

  • luidog2011

    That is a big "yes" button.