• nunser

    Attendant: "Wow dude, chill out! Don't snap like that at me. What's with the bad attitude?!"
    You: * McDonalds is making me a monster *

  • Oraticus

    Yellow-shirt guy (out loud): Actually, I'm sorry I brought this whole thing up! What you gave me is actually more expensive, so I feel like I should pay the difference…

    Yellow-shirt guy (internal voice): "No! No! Stop! Ahhh… regression!"

  • Sirscribble

    Nice bonus panel!

  • This is what being English is like.

  • I've gotten so many refunds on amazon lately I feel kind of bad about it
    but honestly if I get to keep the item I wouldn't mind not getting the refund, if only they'd just change the listing to reflect what the item is actually like! Don't call something dark blue if it's light blue, come on. I care a lot more about the next guy after me.
    And when it's food, I just want them to keep an eye on their quality control.

  • DrJ

    I LOVE space snake! 😀

  • Oh classic. Way to pull out some non-aggressiveness there.

    Hey, I just thought I'd say hi, I met you at the SLC comic con a whiles back and we chatted and I bought your book and things. I was wearing the team rocket outfit if that helps your memory at all, which it probably doesn't. But keep up the comic, it's super fun! I'm even starting my own so hopefully one day I can be as cool as you. Jk but seriously.

  • Jumpyjumpjumps

    I ate like 10 burritos after this comic