Something New
  • You know it wouldn't be too difficult to make an online spinner like that… 🙂

  • yuechan

    So is it a Tuesday?

    • Tromse

      It can't be a Tuesday, as that would mean that Monday is Productivity Day.

      • sintaxisaurio

        Maybe it spins counterclockwise.

    • RaichuKFM

      I'd bet on a Friday, and that it does indeed spin clockwise.

      • Dylan

        Clearly, it is a Thursday, and it does spin clockwise.

  • Niz

    Clearly it's a fake watch, there's no such thing as a "Productivity Day"

  • once again I must conclude that you are me

  • pants.

    Is it International Ordering at Restaurants day or something?

    • Hahaha, that's amazing! I knew about LHT (obvs), but I haden't checked Buttersafe yet.

      Any other comics doing an ordering-at-restaurants thing today?

  • Octothorpe

    Aww… I don't care if it's yucky. I'm starrvviingg right now.

  • Aankhen

    The guy’s happy expression slays me.

  • Poop

    I need that watch.

  • Kiryn

    I now say this at restaurants all the time.

  • Joshua Browning

    According to logic, it could actually be any day.(wow, A fifth grader is better at logic than you!)