No Feels
  • arghdos

    He traveled an awfully long way to let the moon down easy. What a swell guy!

  • I miss Space Snake

    Where's Space Snake???

  • Oraticus

    Y'know red-shirt-guy, in a gravitational sense, you're the least attractive of the three. I'm just sayin'… maybe you're in no position to judge? The Moon took a huge "attractive" step down for you, and look how many guys are attracted to Earth? She's got her pick of the litter. Seems like you just messed up a good thing.

  • It started off kind of out there, but then it ended well-grounded.

    • ALWS


  • Nice April Fools with all the toasts… 🙂

    • I mean breads obviously. I must be hungry for toast. Freud?

  • Scia

    I like how his face changes color.