• Naomi

    friendship is weird

  • HotSam Oht


    "Let's go watch basketball!"
    "Nope, that would be in the 100%"

    • "Let's continue existing, but 100% separately"


      • Jill

        Wouldn't wanting to live separately be an intersecting interest? So it's more like 1% intersection.

        • Ahhh, they have more in common than they think!

  • Torchwood

    Oh, if only this worked in real life. Making friends would be much easier.
    Of course, there's always the problem of interests within interests that can collide.

  • Oraticus

    My life needs a latent semantics indexing app like this.

    Unfortunately, being human and all, even 20% incongruence is often enough to wreck what is a very promising friendship / relationship. We tend to get hung up on our differences, as few as they may be, instead of enjoying our similarities. Bruce Willis may just be the beginning of the end for these newly-good friends.

    <img src=""&gt;

  • Uh oh, typo! Should be "achieved" (with the i and e switched).

    Love the positivity of your comic, Justin. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks Tim! Fixed that business right up.

      It's all about being positive =)

      • User100

        JB, I looked at your site on my phone today and it offered me a load of malware, as discussed here:

        You might want to re-evaluate your choice of advertisers, because this is a sure fire way to drive people away.

        • Thanks for letting me know! I was unaware that my mobile ads were so crappy.

          Gonna look into that ASAP.

        • I can't seem to repro it, but I did find this article:

          I use the same adnetwork as explosm does in that top spot, so I just went in their domain blocking stuff and blocked the bad domains.

          Jeez, I hope that fixes it!

  • MaskedGuy

    List of interest
    50% intersection
    Pressure active:

  • woot2234

    A magnificent comic! It's delicious!

  • Sven

    Isn't this basically how OkCupid's matching system works? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • it's sad when part of that 20 percent springs itself on you and you're not sure how they could have those other things in common with you but still lack this one..
    all i know is i demand at least 95 percent for murridge.. and that is why i am the single.

  • toxic delirium

    Dangit! I would have so many friends if only there was a White Castle near me… ๐Ÿ™