It’s Snowing
  • RaichuKFM

    Where have all the Snowings of yesteryear gone?

  • Oraticus

    I bet it's pronounced "Snow Wing", and he's named after his father's WoW character (I have seen this happen… actually, way too often).

  • Pop

    Snow? In Michigan perhaps?

    • Snowed an inch this morning here in Ann Arbor. Made the roads pretty exciting.

      • Pop

        That's gotta suck.+ an inch? Are you kidding me? The snow here in westbloomfield is half my height! It rained so the roads are snowy, slushy, icy and slippery. I'm 12 btw so that's why the thing about snow being half my height.

      • Pop

        Mother Nature could have at least snow 6 inches for my cousin to get out of school! (I have no school for the rest of the week

      • Octothorpe

        Ah, poor UofM students. Also, the snow/rain/freezing rain caused my Grandma to crash into a pole a few hours ago. She's fine though.

  • Pop

    Or somewhere else?

  • Octothorpe

    Hey, snow is falling from the sky.

    Hi, my name is snow, and I'm skydiving.

    • Pop


  • This pun is going snowwhere.

  • Mary

    I just saw this on the internet. And it looks just like your cartoon people!!

  • Phantom

    The weather in Michigan right now makes no sense