• Rich

    Where is the invisible bread? Long time reader, first time disappointed that you forgot to place the invisible bread at/near the usual placement. I hope you get this fixed before the New Year.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Kal

      😮 I second this motion

    • Actual

      I am going into withdrawl. I need to have hidden panel. NEED

  • Samson

    I have been here from the beginning of DUIF and Lefthanded toons and invisible bread. I need a hidden panel!!!!!! Don't let us down.

  • ExplosiveBubbles

    maybe it was moved because everyone knows where it is….
    this thought terrifies me

  • Songwind Apogee

    This feels like the set-up for a Tex Avery cartoon where the little pie ends up saving his dad from becoming pumpkin soup or something and then goes back to being a respectable gourd.

  • Haha, sorry to freak everyone out =) The thing is in the place now, as is the thing for the thing last Thursday.

  • What a moving, powerful commentary on modern parenting and the fickle, short-sighted rebellions of youth.

    You've earned my Oscar nomination.