• crackan

    That man is a gyro!

  • Skiz

    He should be riding a sub 🙂

  • Sct

    They ate him! They ate the talking sandwich!

    The humanity…

  • Aimee

    I hope it's a pleasant super busy at work, like you had to find all the cute corgi pictures you could and then sort them by order of cuteness. I just wanted to say that your comics are always a bright spot in my day. I know that whatever my day has been like, I can at least get a couple minutes of happy smiles when reading your comics. So, if you're super busy at work and can't get to comics, that's fine. Whatever you need to do to churn out more happy comics down the line. ^_^

    • Thank you for the nice words! I may not have time for the extras, but I will ALWAYS have time for the usual comics! Even if it means that I have to slack off a little bit at work to make the time, I will do it.

      Don't tell my boss =)

  • Oraticus

    That man is a hero! He sacrificed himself to fight against the tyranny known as the munchies! His memory will not be forgotten (at least until supper time…)!

  • David

    Those three guys stading together make me think of traffic lights…

  • Bob

    That bread is not invisible

  • Wat

    Clever, Justin.

  • ALWS

    Ehh… Sub-par.

    • Lazro

      Don't torpedo his reputation!

  • Hero Man Hero Man,
    most incredible Hero Man.
    He's got yeast in his bread,
    a slice of ham in his head.
    Look out here comes the Hero Man!!!

  • He is one of my heroes.