The House
  • This is one reason I love our neighborhood. It seems like every house has a dog or two, and they're all awfully friendly.

  • Durvin

    I dunno, they might change their minds when they realize they have to clean the sidewalk.

  • I do wish people actually got jelly arms when they get excited

  • You just wanted an excuse to draw a Corgi in your comic again, didn't you? 😛

    • I don't know what you're talking about =)

      No corgis here. Ignore the top of the website.

      • Morgan

        Dude, nobody's complaining. Who doesn't love corgis??

      • Spin off comic idea: Invisible Corgi

        Think of the possibilities 😮

  • Joe

    There was an article in the Chicago Tribune this week about a neighborhood (Wicker Park) that is super dog friendly and how everyone who walks their dog is stopped so pedestrians can pet them. One of the quotes in the article was something like "I could walk down the street naked and everyone would still be staring at my dog".

    • User99

      Like the Queen does with her corgis.

  • 0gres

    I have just discovered your comic via reposts of its content on Imgur. You are fantastic — a good artist, honestly humourous, positive, and what's more completely clean! For years I thought webcomics were nothing but the negative filth of stuff like The Oatmeal and Cyanide and Happiness. Now I have a little bit more to anticipate every Tuesday and Thursday. Thank you so much!

    • Welcome to the site!

      • 0gres

        Do you mind, though, that people are redistributing your comics? I know that some artists (like Gary Larson of The Far Side) don't like seeing them on the Web.

        • I don't mind at all! Different sites have different ways of sharing and that's totally cool! Sometimes people do crop off the little "" at the bottom of the comics, so that's a little uncool, but oh well =)

          • Andrew

            I honestly hate when websites crop off the url of a comic. How am I supposed to find more hilarious comics if i can't see which artist made it?

        • Sir Library Eater

          if you want to see more webcomics like this, lefthandedtoons is drawn by Justin and this other guy who is spectacular at drawing with his left hand, Drew Mokris. They're a lot like this, and post comics monday-thursday (with the occasional fridaynosaur).

  • I miss my sanity.

  • Kayne256

    Wave 20:

    1 British Corgie walks past.


  • Madame Kagamine


  • Mikko

    Find the invisible bread? It’s like that bonus panel, your comment is.