The Picture
  • Nate Pleasant

    Where's the invisible bread?!?!?!?!?!

    Also, he definitely looks like he's doing the running man in that license photo!

    • It was still baking =)

      • Nate Pleasant

        Lol, very nice. I suppose even the DMV has limits…

  • Zera3

    This must be some alternate universe where the people at the DMV are friendly.

  • User99

    I sent in a passport photo once and they told me that my eyes weren't open enough, and that I wasn't allowed to have even a hint of a smile. The image I sent back to them made me look like a serial killer. Sure enough, it was accepted.

  • Oraticus

    If I was the cop that pulled this guy over, I think I’d be a bit concerned about what he was doing when that picture was taken…

  • Sir Library Eater

    Since when is accidentally pulling a push door considered "exciting"?

    • Bert


    • Evilweirdo

      You see, if you pull the door just a bit too hard…

  • ALWS

    This new procedure has led to a more accurate depiction on driver's licenses of what people look like when cursing.

  • this_is_funny


  • Lauren Brown

    I just got my passport photo taken at CVS, because I needed to get my passport renewed, and I was also told not to smile but when I first got my passport, I was allowed to smile.