The Internet
  • Starchie

    That laughter looks like Mr. Orange Shirt just snapped. The blackness in his eyes in the last panel is so foreboding… I know this laugh, I use it frequently.

  • I'm always afraid my dog is going to do this to me. She really likes hanging out under the desk when I'm on the computer. I just keep waiting for everything to go black on me one of these days.

  • User99

    I've long since gaffer-taped up the switches on all of my 4- and 6-ways. When my entire room runs of a single double socket, tempting fate is far too great a risk.

  • Ren

    I think the very last panel puts him in in the serial killer crazy category. Don't they report people who kill neighborhood dogs and power strips?

  • ALWS

    I like that bonus panel. He's got a lot of frustration to vent.

  • Morgan

    I'm pretty sure I've done this before

    heh heh heh heh

  • Oraticus

    I've done this before too! … Except that it was at work… and it was the power strip my work computer was plugged into… and I lost everything I was working on… bleh.

    Also, I spent way too much time watching your corgi orbit the dining room chair. It's like he could do that forever!

  • Zera3

    R.I.P. powerstrip…

  • Sir Library Eater

    i hate it when i do that.
    i HATE IT

  • I always have my computer and modem on the same powerstrip, but even if I didn't you'd think at some point you'd check the modem lights..
    not that I ever know what they mean, but I check em

    • Mineblock5000

      My modem actually has symbol lights! I know that the globe light means “internet”.

  • John

    The only powerstrip our bedrooms will ever see! Amiright?! Fellas? Fellas…?

  • Mythril

    Oh, my internet died just yesterday! But in my case my router had died and I had to go to my ISP to get a new one. Luckily I could go get one the day after I called in to their support. 😀

    Also that animated GIF is awesome! xD

  • Dwayne Eric McLeod

    Your puppy is so cute, Justin. 😀

  • duke

    Oh wow, that gif is viral material.

  • ALWS

    Wendell has figured out how to grab his leash and approves of Invisible Bread? That is one smart puppy.

  • Evilweirdo

    That last panel is giving me some Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff vibes. Weird.
    In any case, that's a neato gif you have there!

  • A person

    "You keeping making"

  • This is really fun on the school computers. One kick and the whole row's out.

    Re: gif, I would put a string on my cat's tail and she would spin around at 80rpm for 5+ minutes trying to catch it. She figured out that turning the other way makes it fall off though 🙁

  • Cliocat

    corgis are so darn cute.

  • ClioCat

    Give me your dog.

  • Mineblock5000

    Don’t laptops connect to the Internet via WiFi?

  • PhantomUmbreon

    The bonus panel is amazing