• Eric VB

    As a new parent this is super true.

    • As a parent of 3 (all 6 and under), this will always be true…but you won't want to take them back. 🙂

  • Tim

    It's their "brokenness" that makes them so much fun, though. 🙂

  • JoAnn

    It would be even funnier if you put a "Censored" box over the kid's… you know, it doesnt look like he is wearing any clothes. For some reason kids do that.

    • ALWS

      Well, have you ever seen anyone wearing pants in Invisible Bread? Maybe the fact that he's not wearing a shirt means he's not wearing any clothes because there are no pants/underpants in the Invisible Bread universe. They just all wear really long shirts that reach their genitals for privacy.

  • Dwayne Eric McLeod

    Strange Coincidence, I just got finished reading the MercWorks archive before coming here. Good stuff. I like how you keep your comics family-friendly though, Justin. Not many modern webcomics do such. 🙂

  • If kids don't work like that, then why do they have rooms full to choose from at the hospital??

    • ALWS

      The hospitals are for healing them so they go back up to full HP.

  • That kid looks perfect to me.
    and that comic looks funny.
    better'n mine anyway

  • Kell

    That's the great thing about being a babysitter. You can try out having kids before committing to one. It's a great system.

    • I laughed probably more than I should have.

    • lol, my cousin used to babysit, but now she's got a son, and she agrees w/ me: it's just not the same…it's better! XD

  • Maaaaybe… /You/ can't figure out what he needs! This means you'd be a bad parent! EVERYONE MUST KNOW!
    Spread the word, people!

  • It would be awesome if this one was animated to see his arms wiggle, lol. 😀

    • craftsandhistory

      yeah, true
      good thinking

  • ThousandSunny

    lol this one is one of my favorites