Going Out
  • Void

    I was at some street-performance themed festival the other day, some even had a stage set up with a fat enough crowd to attract the common flail-and-gyrate-limbs-to-music people you always see in any form of concert. I somewhat had the same idea in mind; "is that how dancing looks like? Hell no."

    I am no prune, I act eccentrically in public on a daily basis; but the random flailing movement or the apathetic nodding in-beat people call 'dancing' is something I find impossible to get into outside of a comedy routine.

    On an other note, Video Game Laserz Club sounds like a seizure worthy idea. Which is amazing.

    • skyle

      Are you perhaps a raisin or dried apricot?

  • Marcello

    ahaha the hidden pannel sums me up perfectly!

    • Sabi

      Hidden panel? What?

      *finds it, realizes that these are on all the strips, cries*

  • Dan

    I'm gonna blow your mind here…Ballroom Dancing…to Laserz!

  • John

    Man, if someone asked me to draw a head with lasers coming out of it, I would fail – but you nailed it Justin! Nice one 🙂

  • Jaime

    I was happy to read your comic on GoComics and find it here. it is wonderfu.

  • Alternative invisible bread: Turns out that the people in the club are actually DDR dancing.

  • Kintrex

    This is exactly how I feel about clubs. No thanks, clubs. No thanks.

  • I will now use that word pluralized often.

    • ActualHuman


  • Josh

    An ECCC write-up?! I did one of those last week! We should swap stories like grandpas around a campfire!

  • WillG BaconBity

    how often are you going to post on GoComics? 2 for 2 so far.

    • I'll be posting 3 times a week on GoComics.

  • Matt172

    those lazerz with a z only the finest lazerz have a z